We are a forward thinking company that generates value through innovation.

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    We use vision and hope as catalysts to inspire people and organizations to push themselves forward.

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    We empower talent to acquire the necessary skills to drive change.

  • Build

    We build collaborative networks that experiment, share, establish and materialize synergies.

We encourage the growth of ecosystems where meaningful relationships can be established

We represent a new model, but we are not newbies: our team is made up of experts with extensive background in health, business, experience design, digital transformation and more.

We think globally, we act locally. We are based in Madrid but we have friends, partners and clients all over the world.

We develop our own and shared future-oriented projects

  • Healthscope

  • Healthcare’s future thinking observatory

Healthscope was born with the goal of exploring health’s future in a creative, constructive and collaborative way. It is formed by human-centered initiatives and processes that allow us to design the future of health from both convergent and divergent perspectives.

Healthscope project img
  • Sherpa

  • Expert Group Model

Sherpa is an accompaniment and facilitation model for healthcare’s expert groups. We conceive of an expert group’s design, organization and management as an expedition that must reach the summit by generating the most knowledge possible.

Sherpa project image
  • Iccom

  • Doctor-Patient Relationship optimization program

Iccom is a talent acceleration program born of the desire to transform patient relationships into a therapeutic tool. Its propose is to optimize the doctor-patient relationship to become a 5.0 relationship based on bidirectionallity, natural language, multi-channel communication and involvement in decision making.

Iccom project image
  • hRadar

  • Epidemiological intelligence ecosystem

hRadar is an epidemiological intelligence ecosystem that detects, connects, interprets and anticipates facts that affects global health, transforming them into knowledge pieces relevant to people, organizations and society.



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